Do you have any knowledge about how to build a WordPress website? Making a WordPress website without knowing a single line of coding might seem complicated for a nontechie person. Thanks to modern science and technology, it helps develop a WordPress website even though you lack technical knowledge.

Since you have already come on the right track, there is nothing to worry about to create a new WordPress site. By following our step-by-step instructions, you will set up a WordPress website without facing any difficulty. Let’s move forward to make your job done efficiently and quickly.

Build A WordPress Website

Some steps need to be followed to build a website using WordPress. Using WordPress to create a website is free and straightforward from time-consuming.

  1. Pick up a content management system to play the central role of building a website.
  2. Purchase a domain name and a hosting server to make the website available on the internet.
  3. Install WordPress and customize it properly.
  4. Publish your first article and other contents gradually.

Step 1 — Select a Content Management System

The process of making a WordPress website starts when you select an effective content management system. You can make a website using computer programming or coding. In that case, you won’t be here. As a result, you need a simple content management system, which can help you build a WordPress website.

WordPress, Joomla, and Drupal are the maximum used web publishing software in the online world. Nevertheless, WordPress is dominating the marketing with impressive portions of a market comparison with the others. Dominating the market is not easy unless you have something valuable to offer. That’s why we have chosen the WordPress set up a WordPress website.

build a wordpress website - WordPress

Whether you are a beginner or expert, WordPress is an ideal option for all. Using this content management system gives you lots of flexibility and scope of adding functionality. Though you need to pay some money for using premium features, WordPress is entirely free as a content management system.

The accessibility of this site is enormous, and there are so many functions to explore. This beginner-friendly web publishing software is suitable to use with Microsoft word software. This is why no other content management system gives you as much convenience service as WordPress gives.

Step 2 — Select A Domain Name and Buy It

The second step of using WordPress to create a website starts from here. If you want to build your own WordPress website, you will require two things: choosing a unique domain name and selecting a web hosting service provider.

Choosing a Unique Domain Name

We can’t explain the importance of picking an uncommon domain name in simple words. The initial impression you will get from your visitors by creating a perfect domain name. Keeping your domain name simple, impressive, short, pronounceable, memorable, and brandable will help you stay outside of the crowd. If possible, end your domain with dot com. Because it is one of the most demanded and recognizable domain names on the web.

Domain Name

To develop a good domain name, you can Google and research properly for the most suitable name. Additionally, the name should match with your topic and content you will publish on your website. It will bounce back more visitors to come to your website.

There are thousands of options available on the internet to choose a domain name. You may swim in the deep ocean of confusion with unlimited alternatives. The best thing you can do buying both a domain name and hosting a web service provider at the same time. Aside from saving a few bucks, it will give you a lot of flexibility. That’s why now we will mention how to build a WordPress website using the two things from the same company

Selecting and Subscribing for Web Hosting

Web hosting is the internet-based place where you will store all your valuable web-related information.  When a visitor wants to visit your website, the web hosting service provider will show your content and other information you saved on your website.

Get A Hosting

From a few dollars to a thousand dollars, hundreds of options available for web hosting service. However, as a beginner, you will never need a thousand-dollar web hosting service provider because it is suitable for large-scale business.

A web hosting service provider range between $3-$5 goes fairly for entry-level people. Since you are a beginner, it is our duty and responsibility to help you find the most effective web hosting with minimum cost.

That’s why we have picked the “SiteGround” web hosting service provider. You need only to pay $3.95 monthly, which is quite affordable, even for beginners. Aside from some managed WordPress hosting features, web hosting allows you to install WordPress automatically and automatically retain its latest WordPress version.

The Complete Process of Signing Up At Siteground

First of all, you need to go to “” to start the process of signup up. After entering the website, you will select the “Choose Plan” button. Using this website hosting service, you will get up to 10k sightseers per month. It is reasonably enough for any beginner website.

You will then select the basic startup plan for a web host, which costs only $3.95/mo. You can also select “ GrowBig” for 25k visitors with $5.95/mo. or “ GoGreek” for 100k visitors with $11.95/mo.

SiteGround Pricing

After picking a specific plan, you will be redirected to the domain name page. You will type the name you want to put on your website and click on the “Proceed” button. It costs only $14.95 per year for purchasing a domain name from “SiteGround” web hosting service provider.

Once you are done with the domain name task, a new page will appear to fill up your account information, client information, and payment information. You can customize some add-on services and pay the web host company monthly or yearly based on your preference.

Also, you are free to add some additional features, which will cost you a few dollars additionally. But as a beginner, you will hardly need them. As a result, it is better to stay within the basic plan unless you want to spend more money.

After giving all the essential details, you will go to the last page to pay the bill. You will click on the “Pay Now” button to successfully clear the payment issue. Once you paid the bill’s exact amount, it will congratulate you and welcome you on their website.

Step 3 — Install WordPress With the Aid of Web Hosting Service

Our next task is installing WordPress software Via “ SiteGround.” Very few web hosting services work as smoothly as the “ SiteGround.” You don’t need to dig additional pain of install WordPress separately.


Instead, the “ SiteGround” allows you to access it from your account. When you successfully enter into your “ SiteGround” account, you will be redirected to the “Welcome to our Website Setup Wizard” page. On this page, you will notice an option called “Get WordPress preinstalled on this account.” You need to click on the “Proceed” option and continue the process of installing WordPress.

build a wordpress website - WordPress Installation

After proceeding to the process, you will go to another page to fill-up your username, password, and email. These details are vital to log in to your WordPress account in the future. Then, you will be forwarded to the next web page, where you will see some free version WordPress theme. You need to click a theme that you like and tap on the “Submit” button for a short time.

Once you clicked on the button, the service provider will give you a URL, username, and password to log in to the dashboard. The WordPress dashboard is the core setting of websites, where you have full accessibility to control your website and customize it.

WordPress Dashboard:  Total Control of WordPress Website

Using WordPress Dashboard, you can control everything in your website like adding functionality, customizing various functions, editing them, configuring website appearance to customers, and so forth.

Also, you can directly access your domain from “” Here “yourdomain” means the name of your domain, which you need to put on instead of it.

WordPress Dashboard

After signing in to the dashboard, you will see different dashboard functions on the left side and your website’s preview on the right side.

Step 4 — Install and Configure a WordPress Theme

You can’t avoid this step if you want to build a WordPress website. The Pre-configured WordPress Theme may not be much appraisable to you. Apparently, you may want to configure it to give it a professional look. Unless you give it a perfect look to match your business content, you might not get many visitors to your website. Because the first thing your customers see on the website is how your website looks.

WordPress Themes

Consequently, it is the best course of action to customize your WordPress website theme and other functionality. However, don’t change the core functionality of your website. Because there are some basic functionalities which should be same likes another website.

You will never find it hard to change your WordPress theme. The process is painless and hassle-free, even for beginners. First of all, you need to find your preferred theme, which you want to install, and then install it. Once you installed the theme, it is time to customize it.

You may have a question about where to find the best WordPress theme., ThemeForest, Elegant Themes, and Google are the best place for finding the most effective and popular theme. You may have some limitations while installing a free WordPress theme. But when you install a premium theme by spending a few dollars, you will get more access to different functions as well as developing high-quality themes.

The process of Setting Up WordPress Themes

You can set up a WordPress theme in two separate methods. If you want to install the free version of the WordPress theme from “,” you can install it straight away from your WordPress dashboard.

However, if you want to install a premium version of the WordPress theme, you will have to upload it via a ZIP file in your dashboard.

Theme Installation

For installing a free theme from “,” you will need to go to “Appearance” and then select “Themes” and click on the “Add New” button. After that, you will look over your desired theme from the search box and, finally, click on the specific theme and install it properly.

The Process Of Setting Up A Theme Via zip File

You will follow the same method to set up a theme via a ZIP file. First of all, you will click on the “Appearance” button and then select “Theme.” After clicking on the function, a new page will appear, showing the “Add New” option.

build a wordpress website - Upload Zip Theme

When you click on the “Add New,” you will be given an option named “Upload Theme.” Tap on the button to upload your ZIP file. Then, install the theme to activate it on your WordPress Website. After installing it, the new theme will appear on your website. That’s all the tasks you need to do to install a theme.

How to Customize WordPress Themes

Installing themes is crucial, but customizing them is more indispensable. After installing your preferred theme, it’s time to configure it to give it the best look. You will see the “Customize” option under the “Theme” option from the dashboard menu bar.

You can change the style of your theme and preview it before finally modifying it. There are many options available like colors, header media, menus, widgets, static front page, additional CSS, and so forth.  You can play around with each and every option to see them and preview them before finally saving them. It won’t affect your website theme unless you finally save it.

Step 5 — Publish the First Content of Your Website

You have already built your website, and it’s time to publish your website’s first content. Since it is the first time, you need to grab readers tactically and skillfully to read your future post.

The first impression will lead to the footprint of thousands of visitors. But, for that, you need to force your readers to read your article from top to bottom. But how will you do it? Right? Well, you need to post your initial article relevant to your website and the content and topic you have selected.

No matter what types of topics you have selected, make sure to provide some unique information unavailable on other websites. It is the coolest tactic you can play for your website.

To publish content on your website, you can follow two different methods: one is the post, and another in the page. There is a dissimilarity between post and page. WordPress post is known as time-sensitive and has a unique format.

You need to post different content on your website regularly to keep running on your WordPress site. On the other hand, the WordPress page doesn’t have any time stamp and specific format. It doesn’t need a regular update unless you really need it.

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How to Add New Posts and Pages

Adding new pages and post via WordPress is super easy. You will visit the dashboard menu bar and click on the “Posts” option. And, afterward, decide if you want to add a new post or new page to your website.

build a wordpress website - Add New Post

Apart from including posts and pages, you can categorize your content and add tags to them. Also, you are free to attach-title, image, text format, style, and other media to your posts and pages.

Beyond these, you can explore many things in WordPress settings pages. However, you will not understand it overnight. That’s why you should try different options to see how each of them works and finally save it after previewing it.

Include Plugins to Make Website Fully-functional

WordPress plugins are one of the essential things to make a WordPress site. To work your website the way you wanted to, you need to add plugins to your WordPress website. However, don’t get confused between plugins and themes since both are different. OptinMonster, MonsterInsights Lite, WPForms Lite, SeedProd, TrustPulse, WP Mail SMTP, etc., are the top WordPress plugins.

Dozens of benefits you will get when you add powerful plugins to your website.

  • It will support you to stand higher your content on the Google list.
  • It includes some powerful features to optimize the value of your content.
  • Many plugins are free of charge to save your cost.
  • You can access the most crucial information before installing the plugins.
  • You can effortlessly install them on your website.
  • Many of them are superb in quality and have high flexibility to change functionalities.

Though thousands of plugins are available, not all the plugins are equal in quality. Before installing any of them, make sure to know the advantage of using them on your website. If it can’t provide any value to your website or content, it is best to avoid it. Choosing the wrong plugin s may slow down your website browsing speed and limit your website’s functionality. Avoid installing the same functional plugins since you have already installed one of them.

The Process of Installing WordPress Plugins from “”

You can install the free plugin from “” First, you need to go to the dashboard panel option and click on the “Plugins” option. Then, tap on the “Add New” button and search for your preferred plugin.

Installing Plugins

Once you found your desired plugin, select the “Install Now” option to install it. After that, wait for a few minutes until the button change to “Activate” and then click on the button. In this way, you can install a plugin from “”

The Process of Installing WordPress Plugins from ZIP File

Apart from installing a direct plugin from the website, you can purchase premium plugins or download them from other websites. After purchasing or downloading a plugin from a specific website, you will receive the ZIP file.

build a wordpress website - Plugin ZIP file

You can upload the ZIP file to your website. To upload the ZIP file, you will tap on the “Add new option” from the plugins function and click on the “Upload Plugin” option to upload it. Once the plugin is uploaded, you can install and activate it easily.

That’s all the step-by-step processes you need to follow to build a WordPress website. When you know how to build a WordPress website, you can easily do it without facing any problem.

Final Words

It obviously feels great and exciting to create a new WordPress site without spending additional money to hire technical experts. We know that’s why you read the full article to make a WordPress site of your own. If you want to build a site with WordPress, it is compulsory to follow all the steps mentioned above.

Unless you follow them correctly and adequately, you may not be able to precisely build your own WordPress website. Whether you want to develop a WordPress website with premium features or build a free WordPress website, you must follow all the steps. Hopefully, you will build a WordPress website with the best looks, features, and functions to outlast your competitors.


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